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"Doreen is a passionate and experienced global health professional with a Master’s in Global Health Policy and Management with a Health Economics and Data Analytics concentration. She has dedicated the past several years strengthening health systems, improving health equity and community capacity building both domestically and internationally. Her drive is to promote health equity, education and economies in minority communities. With over eight years of experience in global health, Doreen has worked on significant initiatives that have improved health access and economies in rural communities, transformed weak and fragile health systems into resilient and functioning ones."


Co Founder/Director

"Elizabeth is a dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate professional relationship builder aswell as an organizational leader with a career narrative of driving outcomes through effective project delivery. She is committed to overseeing the Foundation with transparency and governance that will drive sustainable impact to the communities in Uganda and other African countries for years to come. She is passionate about community development work and is always looking forward to opportunities that will help impact other peoples lives positively."



"Madorah is a passionate global health professional with a Master's degree in Global Health Policy Management, Health Economics Data Analytics Concentration from Brandeis University. She has a deep commitment to improving the health of people around the world and has dedicated her career to this cause. Madorah has worked in the global health field domestically and internationally and has a wealth of experience in health policy, health economics, and data analytics. She is committed to using her knowledge and skills to bring about positive change as one of the directors at Let's Gender."

Jimmy Godfrey Mbazi


Jimmy is a development professional with master’s in Economics and Development, privileged to work in the health and humanitarian sectors in a variety of settings: rural, peri urban, and urban; as well as in community, and government facilities. He has extensive programme management experience in food security and livelihood in emergency, recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction while working with refugees, host communities, returnees, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). He is an advocate of “people-centered approach” that gives back power and ownership, promoting local talents and accountability.

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